Engaged...Now What

Hey guys! Its been so long since we’ve been to this spot and we are more than excited to be back. So a couple of things have changed since we were last on the blog... we are ENGAGED! We am excited to be in the season, and thought it would great to catch everyone up to what God is doing in our lives. 

Courtney’s Opinion

I think we all dream of that moment when you get engaged and married. Everything in your head is so extravagant, regal, and grand and the wedding has been plan in your head since the age of 10, right? 

October 15th is the day I will never forget. It is the day I’ve been waiting for since playing M.A.S.H in middle school. It was a typical Wednesday in Nashville.  Went to Bible Study and was preparing to pack because I was headed to LA the next morning. Normally, Justin and I attend bible study together, but he had to work late that night. I knew the day had been stressful for him, so when he called asking if I would wanted to go for a drive, I didn’t question it, I just went along for the ride. We made a detour to Starbucks, the exact place we talked for hours the first time we met each other in Nashville as friends but it was at that moment that I knew Justin was for me. Still oblivious, we parked and sat in silence for a little bit. We finally got out of the car, and right there he stated his love and presented me with this beautiful ring that I designed to the detail (long story lol). But in that moment, I didn’t even see the ring, I saw God. I saw God’s faithfulness, I saw my private times with God praying for Justin before I even knew Justin, I saw my purpose. I saw God. 

So we are Engaged, now what?!? Oh boy, they don't teach you how to plan a wedding in school and no one warned about the spiritual test that were headed our way big time. However, don’t miss that last phrase in the previous paragraph like I often do: I saw God. I realized there is a major blessing in maintaining where we are.  The same God that brought me these huge life shifts is the same God that that will maintain our relationship and maintain our sanity while we plan the wedding. 

As I look forward to this year, I don't expect anything major to happen (not saying that it won't) but my prayer is that God prefects me where I am as a one day wife, friend, daughter, professional, and all the many roles I play.  It is a hard pill to swallow as I am always anticipating the next. But the true beauty is in what I already have.  

We are excited to announce that our wedding is March 5, 2016 in Nashville, TN approximately 13 months away, a long time seemingly and its easy to get caught up in time and not truly see the blessing in the present. Sometimes mixed with impatience and frustration we wouldn't change 1 minute. 

Justin's Opinion

It seems like an eternity since we have last written something.  One of my last posts dealt with how I have (and still) struggle through depression.  This post today speaks about something that happened in October, when I asked Courtney the hardest question I have ever had to ask someone…Marriage. 

Since then, we have continued with life, going about the mundane nature of life and work.  And that’s really about it.  It is amazing when you think about relationships.  Relationships, when they are real, lead to engagement.  Engagement leads to marriage.  But there is no excitement in the middle season prior to serious planning for a ceremony before God…and a reception to make people not talk about you.  As we plan for 2016 ceremony, we have gone through the mundane day to day activities of life and relationships.  Nothing great has occurred…nothing terrible has occurred…just day to day life. 

Before you comment thinking I am writing a sob story, it is this season of maintenance that so many of us overlook.  Think of how we treat God.  We want God to bring us “out” (that is SOOOO problematic to me), we want God to bless us, we want God to enhance us, we want God to handle our enemies…but we never thank God that God maintains what we have, what we own and how we lead our lives. 

As Paul describes to the Philippian Church how to live out a Joydacious life, Paul tells them “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” (Phil 4:11) Paul acknowledges that I have circumstances, but if I gain everything in it, great! If I don’t…great! Nearing the end of his jail sentence Paul reveals that life’s good turns have taught me to be “content.”  The Greek word Paul uses calls upon positive adequacy.  Paul’s contentment is greater than peace, but it is the acknowledgement of Jesus dwelling in his body and spirit and how Jesus dwelling in him causes him to rely on what is inside instead of what is external. 

By no means has this engagement season been wonderful.  I have had financial difficulty, loss of friendships, ministerial issues and much more.  In the same breath, maintenance causes me to rejoice in the Lord! The indwelling of Jesus Christ in our relationship, our ministry, our intentions and life has causes contentment, a sense of positive personal understanding. 

Life is an ever evolving narrative where you possess the ability to make meaning of your every encounter.  As you continue your year, learn to rejoice in the Lord as he maintains your life.  Let that story evolve, see God as a God of continuing your life not just enhancing your life.  See God as a God that pushes you closer to glory, not just graces you with the aesthetics of life. 

We are engaged. Now what? Maintain in Jesus.  I now understand the hymn, “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take him at his word.  Just to rest upon God’s promise, just to know thus says the Lord.” Maintain. 

Our Opinion
It's a new season and day.  We are both excited for what God is doing. This year the site will be full of our wedding and relationship details but mostly filled with God that brought us together. We look forward to being even more transparent in hopes that you can see God through any and every situation. Be blessed today!