Holding it all

Courtney’s Opinion: 

Hey Guys! Complete Transparency Alert: This blog post came out frustration from my own life. Many times I feel like my life is a juggling act and at any moment everything is going to crash down on me.  The worst part is sometimes I don’t even feel like juggling them. I have a lack of passion on the things that I used to love not because I am bad person and am useless but because I have ran out of the oil and fire that keeps this engine running. On top of that, I realized that have exchanged places with Jesus in my life as the captain and driver in my life. Now you may be like… whoa Courtney, I’m just stressed out at work and family life is crazy, I don’t have a God problem, I just need God to help me organize. My answer: It is all the way a God problem.

 Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to quit everything in your life because that’s not the problem; the problem is in our mindset. In an overwhelming state of mind, we live in emotion. If something does go well we live off the praise of others but if something goes wrong all emotions let lose into self-depreciation. An overwhelming life is a life out of control…out of YOUR control. Being overwhelmed doesn’t mean you are a bad person but a normal person living in self- dependence.

So how do we manage?

Understand that our lives are fully dependent on the One who created us. Like Justin mentioned, God will definitely put more on us than we can bear to show us who God is in all things. We commonly make the mistake that God should be our #1 on the list but that’s insulting; God is centralized and foundation on everything we do.  Our jobs, relationships, children should not just keep God first but they should be built on the purpose God gave you for them. If God is not the foundation then the task is in vain. A relationship with God is not just another task to maintain, but when fully centered and reliant on God all things God in your life with give God glory and cultivate an even greater relationship with God.

Its crazy that if we look at our long to-do list most of the things on the list we prayed and begged God for and they rely on our strength, patience, and time. However, an overwhelming life is life that is in need of “God realignment.” Proverbs 3:5, is a popular bible verse, we quote it, read it and make t-shirts out of it but we don’t apply it. It states that we should “trust the Lord with all our heart and lean not to our own understand and all our ways acknowledge Him and he will make your path straight (paraphrase).” Full reliance on God has nothing to do with you but everything to do with God. When we put are full reliance and trust in God, God wont take the problems away but God will start to make our paths straight. Complete trust and overwhelming cant reside together. Choose trust for the way will be clearer, the passion reignited, and God will grace you with the ability to manage life no matter how hectic it may get. 

Justin’s Opinion:

Courtney and I normally alternate blogpost topics, this one was no different.  Courtney suggested it, articulating what I was feeling and thinking in my core.  How do you handle life when life overwhelms you?  I believe that each of us has been there.  

Wake up Monday
Write a list of all of your tasks for the week
Write a list of what you want to accomplish

Life gets overwhelming. Life gets heavy.  From work to school to relationships to self-care to eating to reading to television shows to scandal to church and so much more, after while days run together, your emotions run high and what was once mundane becomes overwhelming.  

Let me place this caveat on this blogpost.  God does give you more than you can bear…because there are things you need to unload.  The feeling of being overwhelmed happens when we allow our emotions to take over our practical operation.  For example, you give more strength to your feeling of anxiety and anger instead of seeing how strong you are to even transition that strength over to your emotions.  Overwhelming feelings are a matter of focus and our seeking to develop a relationship with the world.  

So…since I’m so amazing…how do you overcome loneliness? Ready! I’m happy to give this to you! 

Learn to love being lonely.  

Awesome. So I understand.  That sounds absolutely foolish.  

Loneliness is a vital aspect of who we are because frankly we don’t like living live with ourselves.  Therefore we get overwhelmed with life because we are constantly seeking for “quick fixes” and “escapes” from our reality.  Beyond alcohol and sex, we seek an escape through extra eating, seeking for the negative around us and more simply because we don’t want to grapple and live with the reality we have been given.  

It is not until we are lonely that we actually begin to see God, understand God and search for God to close up the wounds the world gives us.  You don’t begin until you decide to end.  Being Christian and caught in the web that God has woven called grace dos not take away from being lonely, it cherishes and protects your loneliness.  Its is a gift that Henri Nowen said, “Reveals to us an inner emptiness that can be destructive when misunderstood, but filled with promise for those who can tolerate it’s sweet pain.”  When we seek to live alone with God, life organizes itself.  I mean…really…is your boss really giving that many tasks? Or are you spending more time on Facebook complaining about how much work your boss gives you? We have developed an art as a people where being “busy” has made us exalt ourselves higher than we really are where.  Never forget every day we rise is a privilege and built into that day is an opportunity for you to encounter God in a particularly you-like way.  Overwhelming feelings make us run away from God on purpose, decide to pull back and see the gift of a relationship with Jesus Christ really is.  God knows how to make chaos straight…don’t believe me…check out Genesis 1.  

Our opinion

So what about us! Well life hits us, but Court and I are being so intentional to work together to read our bible together, do life together…in essence get lonely together.  What about you? Lets try this out

Move It Out – Move those mundane small things out of the way of you life.  You know what those are.  Those people that text you unnecessarily seeking to start “something.” That co-worker that never gets anything done....Move It Out! Make yourself unavailable for things that distract you from what you know your purpose of the day is.

Did You Ask A Good Question Today? – Ask yourself that at the end of the day.  Socrates one suggested an issue with us is not that we ask questions, but we have too many answers.  Begin to ask questions at the end of your day.  Ask questions, learn, open yourself up to intentional vulnerability beyond your comfortability.  It is here that God graces you to stand tall and fight through the senseless foolishness of the world.  

We are Praying for you!