Speak for yourself

Remember in High School when because of your “popularity” status, you worried about what someone was saying?  (For all of you cool kids out there saying you never worried about it…stop lying in your head) Everyone has been there.  You put words on people’s lips because you just knew they were mumbling about you.  You just knew that they were talking about you behind your back. 

Now, I completely understand because there were times…people actually did talk about you.  And when you heard about it is was a terrible pill to swallow.  

The worst for me was when friends I trusted streeeeeeetttttttcccccccchhhhhhed what I said to be something else I never said.  That was the worse.  The type of person they were normally gave what was said credibility or not.  So, put all of that together.  One of the worst moments in life is when what you have said gets stretched beyond recognition and now you have to rebuild your credibility.  

Right? Your supposed to get pissed, confront them and say some words that aren’t biblical! WORLDSTAR!!!

Hold up.  Hold up.  hold up. hold up.  

There are SOMEthings out there…you said…you did…and you are suffering repercussions for.  It’s. Not. Always. Someone. Else’s. Fault. 

Let today be an opportunity to start afresh.  

 Ok back to it.  

 There is a blessing in hearing that others are utilizing words you have said out of context in an attempt to hurt you.  How? It shares with you how much who you are is intimidating to them AND God is attempting to force you to remember something Paul said, Be…anxious…for….nothing.  I love the way the NLT puts it, "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”  

 Now, that is a response.  When you hear your truth has been mis-told…pray and thank God for what God has done.  

 I have seen how reacting to something someone said destroys your life, keeps you awake at night, and at times even ruins and destroys relationships.  In my personal life, not responding to some faux-truths told has had me labeled (ready for this)


 But for some reason God continues to put me in places I can’t understand.  I could not grasp that if I am what others define me as, why are those same individuals participating in the blessings God has given.  …Be Anxious for nothing. 

 I believe that God allows “gossip” - the wheel that spins our culture - to keep us centered.  God continually picks at your core to see are you cemented in God’s core to make you grow, or are you grappling with the foolishness of the world.  Be anxious for nothing. 

 Where would your life be today if you responded privately instead of publicly? What are you seeking to prove by giving room to others who are seeking to destroy your witness? How does more gossip kern the gossip already present? 

Recognize the grace of God that abounds around you and every time you want to respond…be anxious for nothing and in everything give thanks to God.  Notice what Paul suggests, in everything, give thanks to God.  Enhance your relationships today by creating community with everyone.  Force people to exit the community you create because they can’t stand your personal progress, not because community is killed.  Speak for yourself. Be anxious for nothing…give thanks.