First, Read this! The top 10 cities people are moving from and moving to.

With that. Missions!!!

Take a look! Consider a few things!

1. Do you have anything for the new families that are moving to your area? (i.e. a top 10 list of things to do in the city / Something welcoming new people to the area) They're coming, your church has the room!

2. Does your ministry welcome non-churched people? Consider where everyone is moving from. Those areas are not in the bible belt. Will people be welcomed and feel welcomed? Don't tell me you are a "friendly church!" Thats a cop out. Do your ministry offerings show that people are welcome? Do your sermons speak to the truth of the gospel and culture? A hug and a smile start friendlyness, groups and engagements keep it friendly.

3. Does your church welcome people who don't know "churchspeak?" Most people won't know when to stand/sit/sing/what a hymn is/what your churches unwritten rules are/where they aren't supposed to sit/what communion is/"washed in blood" Take a moment and consider what you say by explaining everything you say. Think, no sports team integrates rookies by immediately throwing them into the game one the first day, there are playbooks and meetings that they have to sit in and read first! A fly route is a fly route...but delicately we want to explain what a "fly" route means to us.

With that! Let me say this. 

Young Adults have not quit church. We haven't! We love it, and really want to be in your church. Three things that we (me) want in your church

1 - Don't make me do everything at your church. My life is already busy, but I want to do something! Don't give me a full time job.

2 - Pastor, can I get a cup of coffee with you? In essence, do I feel I can I sit for an hour and have a real honest conversation with you about real issues .

3 - it's not music that gets "us." Is your church a safe place? Do I feel comfortable asking questions? Can my faith comfortably be stretched at your church?

Just some thoughts! I pray kingdom grows because we get uncomfortable enough to lead people to be comfortable with Jesus in our churches! People are coming! Get Ready!