Nashville… A place of beginnings

They say Nashville is a place for dreamers, never in my wildest dream did I think this country city would be the place I found my life. It’s Nashville where I found a piece of God, found myself, loved myself, and learned myself. Its here where I got my beautiful education, met my best friends. Nashville is where I fell in love with my black culture and learned how I fit in this world as black women. It’s in this country place where I get to be apart of ministry and where my writing passion took off and grew; it’s here where I married the absolute love of my life. Nashville is a place I chose. It’s where life began. 

We have a closeness to where things began, don’t we? Maybe because its comfortable, special, ours. But the thing about beginnings is that there almost always has to be a continuation. Continuation in the midst of change is such a hard concept because it’s filled with so many unknowns. 

A trend that has been happening in many cities is a trend I like to called “community swap”(not sure if this is an official term but I’m going to coin it). It’s where different communities of people occupy a new area than before (some may call this gentrification but that’s another post for another day).  Today, we are seeing suburban communities move to urban areas, and urban resident move to suburban areas. Industrial areas have been repurposed to restaurants and retail shops and restaurants and retail shops have turned to office spaces. This is a normal cycle that happens in the history of cities over generations but to many of us this is new in our lifetime. So what happens to the places that began there? Do they die or do they continue? Jesus tells us to continue so new life can begin. 

Jesus started a crazy impactful ministry on earth for 33 years, but he was very intentional in expecting us to continue the ministry he started. It’s a beautiful reminder to us that our beginnings are to empower others to continue. In Acts 1, before Jesus’ Ascension into heaven, He meets the disciples’ fear. They loved what began in Jesus but out of fear of continuing they asked when He was coming back to finish. I believe we ask this question when we reach the crossroads of life. God, you began great things but when are you coming back to finish? 

The beauty of Jesus looks them straight in the fear of faith and gives them the gift of the Holy Spirit. It’s like the Holy Spirit is God’s way of saying you are enough to continue what I started.

And so our (Justin and Courtney’s) continuation begins.  

I’ll never forget the car ride home from our honeymoon, as we looked at each other ready to continue life where it all began. To remain faithful to all that we have begun in Nashville and to grow what was started. It was then when the call from Rhode Island made so much sense. Where God revealed that we must leave a place of beautiful beginnings to go to a place that finds it hard to continue. It’s crazy to me to see how God orchestrates our lives that our continuation is someone else’s beginnings. 

What is God continuing in you that might be a new beginning? 

It was only when we were completely faithful where we began that God showed us exactly where we need to continue. 

We are ready, we are set, now lets go!