Living Unbothered

Have you ever had a mosquito bite you at just the wrong time? It sucks.  For example.  Think about the time you had a mosquito bite in between two fingers or two toes. It itches but you can never quite reach it.  
It takes your focus.  

And then two days later, you forgot it even happened.  

That is exactly how the Devil works.  Remember, God only allows satan in because there is a maturity dimension that God is trying to bring you up to. Period.  Don’t get it twisted.  The reason seasons of maturity last are to bring you up and teach you insight. Never get that twisted.  The season lasts as long as you are willing to learn the lesson. Satan never has the authority to take your life.  Remember, the effects of satan can affect your health.  Be mindful, not only is it temporary, but its God ordained and authorized.  

So, How do I deal with this? You don’t. Remove “deal with” from your vocabulary.  God never gave you the authority to deal with, he gave you the authority to win. 

How do I get over people? God commanded us to love every person. (He never told me to like you :)) Whenever you enter into a disagreement with a person its never the person, its the spirit.  Never dumb down the Gospel or Satan to a person.  They have been vulnerable in their hearts and spirits to be afflicted by satanic forces. (See Ephesians 6) 

You are wrestling with an unseen spirit that is pushing you to the next dimension of Spiritual growth and authority. Since we know this, (Romans 8) we fight differently.  

Put down your weapons. 
Log off your social media. 
Block some phone numbers. 

Let me let you in on a secret I have learned. If it doesn’t bother God, it shouldn’t bother you.  Worry yourself about the things God worries God’s self about. **hint hint** God has no worries **hint hint**

I realize this seems elementary and basic.  Justin you have degrees! Trump is President!! 

The reason we find it so comfortable to dishonor the office of president is because we are so busy worried about people and not the office.  That applies to work, relationships, and church.  I want you to get to a place where you are just unbothered.  Seriously.  Your enemies are worshipping your response.  The sin is not in your anger, its in your retaliation with your anger.  I want to help you live unbothered.  

If God sees My time as an Investment, I see my time as an investment. 
Too often time is overlooked. 
God took 6 days of work and rested for one
Noah was drifting on the sea for ages
The children of Israel wandered or ages
The people in biblical text when on journeys that took days/weeks

There is something about the investment that God sees with time.  God invests God’s self in time.  Your time is an investment.  If God sees it as an investment, you must begin to see your time as an investment.  

How are you spending your time? Personally, I look at my time at $5.00 per every 15 minutes.  Is this conversation and topic worth $5.00. If not, I do not (literally) waste my time. Where can you spend your time wisely? With whom can you spend your time wisely? How do the conversations you engage in, the people you surround yourself qualify as an investment? People treat you the way you treat yourself. If you believe you are a waste of time, your conversations and engagement will be as well. 

My sleep is a time to connect with God, not to worry about uninvested people

One of the hardest battlegrounds we have is our time of rest. Thats one of the reasons its so hard to come by. The battleground of our minds is the place that God can intervene, and where our negative thoughts can fester.   What you sow into you mind while its working is what will be revealed when its resting. 

What are you sowing into your mind? 
What books and wise counsel have access to what you think about? 
What blogs and podcasts are pouring into your conscious that affect your sub-conscious? 

My wife and I pray earnestly that our dreams are visions.  
Side note - if your dreams are constantly about people, you…are…wasting…dream sessions! 

I’m making the choice to worship because of who God is, not inspite of who may be looking

One of the worst statements I have ever heard is “I worshiped in spite of xyz.”  Simply put, never worship in spite of, worship because of. God is to worthy of praise honor and glory for you to waste energy in spite of another person headed to death.  Worship my friends! Seasons of frustration are going to happen. It test your foundation and infrastructure.  Whatever happens…stand tall. 

Live. Unbothered.